RLJ Computer Repair and Web Development Services

Technology and E-Commerce is rapidly growing, it is one of the most efficient ways of marketing your business. Unfortunately with todays economy, most people can not afford to hire a professional I.T. or Web Developer. RLJ Computer Repair and Web Design Services is here to provide you with professional solutions at an affordable rate for any need you may have.

We provide a multitude of services including but not limited to Web Design/Hosting, Networking / Network Security, and Computer Repair. To see the full list of services we provide please see the Services page of this Website

Contact by Phone or Email

540-312-3354 / support@rljrepair.com

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OS Reinstalls, Virus /Spyware/Malware Removal,Password Resets,Forensics and Data Backup / Recovery, Networking/Network Security, Web Development, Game System Repair, Hosting (see details for Hosting on the Services page)

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Supported Projects

Links and Info on various projects that I support. GNU Linux, Free Software Foundation, Slackware, Debian, Android, Drupal, Wordpress,Defcon, Hackers for Charity, Freenode, The Tor Project, and the Open Wireless movement. In no way are the aforementioned affiliated with rljrepair, I just support their projects

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Tips on how to keep your privacy and stay safe online. Guides for Security and Anonymity.Read tutorials on how to secure your home or business's netework and computer systems . Need answers? Ask questions, get Support.

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